“Monoga” means “story” in Japanese. The reason why we call it Beetales | Honey Talk is that we fall in love with the stories between these people and bees. On the rooftop of a bustling tenement building near Tuen Mun Station, a father takes care of a box of bees as a hobby. Every year […]

The Poem of Bees and Wine

The Poem of Bees and Wine The first reason is that the queue is so busy… I will start a “limited time” bee story hall at Fulilai Shopping Center on Hong Kong Island! This time, I will use a poetic method to tell the story of the millennium bee. Every Friday to Sunday, there will […]

Kombucha Brew It Yourself Workshop

【Kombucha Brew It Yourself Workshop】 Health is the most important thing for Hong Kong people right now! Longevity first can witness the future. Healthy drinks are often more unpalatable than people feel, but this is not the case. “Kombucha” and “kombucha/fermented tea” are a special example. It is a drink based on black tea and […]