Kombucha Brew It Yourself Workshop

【Kombucha Brew It Yourself Workshop】

Health is the most important thing for Hong Kong people right now! Longevity first can witness the future. Healthy drinks are often more unpalatable than people feel, but this is not the case. “Kombucha” and “kombucha/fermented tea” are a special example. It is a drink based on black tea and fermented with mushrooms. Different fruits and herbs can also be added for secondary fermentation to increase flavor and natural gas. Bubble to make the taste more layered.

In Europe and the United States, Kombucha is a bounty for fitness people. Eating light and low-fat food is very strict in beverages, and any amount of sugar will be full of guilt. Between wine/tea/probiotic drinks/sparkling drinks (characteristics after fermentation), natural ~ healthy ~ delicious ~ ~

Participating in this workshop, in addition to Zuo can learn how to brew kombucha by himself (you will get about 2L of Kombucha), Zhong will get the starter kit for brewing tea, the honey produced by his own bees, and the most important thing is the “Kombucha fungus”. Seeds.” In the future, you can B.I.Y. (Brew it yourself).