The Poem of Bees and Wine

The Poem of Bees and Wine

The first reason is that the queue is so busy… I will start a “limited time” bee story hall at Fulilai Shopping Center on Hong Kong Island! This time, I will use a poetic method to tell the story of the millennium bee. Every Friday to Sunday, there will be a real-life guided tour and a mead tasting event!

There are other local literary and art shops in the same venue, everyone must come and visit~

Fulilai Special [Poem of Bees and Wine]

Bees and humans have established a very long relationship. As early as prehistory, it has been recorded that people collected honey and raised bees in nature, and then interspersed in history with the mode of providing natural wines in different eras.

At the same time, bees are also the most misunderstood insects, always considered to be terrible killers, but in fact this little insect has written romantic poems in human history in different ways.

In modern times, we have discovered that bees are closely related to our future. Without bees, the food chain of humans and animals will be broken, which will lead to the crisis of the entire biosphere. The next step of human beings will determine their and our destiny.

Dates: 1-14 September 2022
Time: Monday to Friday (15:00-20:00)
Saturday and Sunday (14:00-20:00)
Friday to Sunday 【Beverage of the Gods】Tasting Activities
whole day

[Bee Man’s Honey Talk] Bee Story Sharing Activity
15:00, 17:00, 19:00

Location: Fulilai Shopping Mall
(No. 33, 1/F, No. 9-27, King Wah Road, Fortress Hill – Fortress Hill MTR Station Exit A, walk for about 5 minutes)

Hosted by: Beetales
Acknowledgement: Fulilai Mall provides venue and Uncle Store